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White River Township Fire Department

Greenwood, Indiana



Engine 52




The White River Township Fire Protection District was formed in 1986 for the purpose of receiving local taxpayer revenue, which otherwise was unavailable.  Since its formation, it has taken the fire department from an all 'volunteer' department to paid stand-by, and finally to it's current position as a combination fire department.  The District is composed of a five person Board of Directors  appointed by the Johnson County Commissioners.  Board members fulfill alternating two year terms, with one expiring each year.



Ladder 51        



The community is a suburban, upper-middle and middle class residential area, however it is also home to several strip malls, four major department stores, five elementary schools, two middle schools, three large retired living communities, multiple apartment complexes and three manufactured housing communities which have a combined total of over 600 manufactured homes.  The District spans two major highways:  State Road 37 and State Road 135, which are both major thoroughfares for Indianapolis commuter traffic.  The west fork of the White River also runs through the District.





Engine 53  

The Department employs 150 individuals in three different divisions which include full-time firefighters, part-time firefighters, and associate members.  Although staffing varies, it typically involves around twenty-five on-duty firefighters per day and eight to ten office staff during the week.  In addition to the daily staffing of full and part-time firefighters, the department also utilizes several ancillary factions for various operations.  Some of our firefighters also mentor young adults between the ages of 16 and 19 who are interested in the fire service.   Associate employees are non-firefighters who serve in a support capacity to the department.  These include the department's photographers, maintenance technicians, computer technicians, and the department's medical director.